I always felt like I was broken...

The beginning of our story…

I grew up on welfare in one of the most affluent areas in Northeast Ohio. We never had “enough” and that paired with immense trauma from sexual abuse, an alcoholic parent, and constant uncertainty - things obviously could have been better.

That never stopped me from knowing I was meant for more though. I always had this feeling there was something wrong in the world, and I was supposed to help change it.

But first, I had to change my thoughts...

Lauren as a baby

Each day was a lesson...

It took me a very long time to understand that my contract with this life was to learn.

Unfortunately, those lessons came in the form of trauma upon trauma.

As a kid it was always my responsibility to help take care of my family, and I started working as soon as I was able to so I could start earning money for what I wanted in life because we didn’t have it at home.

This hunger for more grew and grew, and it’s what lead me to eventually starting my own business.

What took a bit longer though, was learning how all my life experiences were so that I had the understanding and empathy to help others. My pain would allow me to help end theirs.

I knew I would die at 30 years old…

Ever since I was young I had this feeling I would die at 30. I just couldn’t ever see my life past that point.

A few months before my 30th birthday, that time came. What I failed to realize before though, was that it wasn’t a physical death, but a spiritual one.

I sat on my bed that day begging God to make the pain end, I knew I could no longer continue with my life the way it was - so I wanted him to end it. So he did.

That was the beginning - prompted by a recurring Facebook Ad I kept seeing (I mean we know that algorithm can be creepy accurate sometimes…), I discovered personal development and how to reprogram my mind.

That lead to more and more - healing, education, the opportunity to end that old version of me and birth a new one made in the image of my deepest desires.

Small girl, big city…

A few years later after an intervention from my sisters, I dropped everything, quit my job with zero plan and moved to big city Chicago. This is what really started my learning down that entrepreneurial path. Within 2 weeks I had my “dream job” (dream at that time, that is) and the chance to prove myself.

I finally had the chance to put to work all that knowledge around tech, web development, and design I had been teaching myself over the years.

What I learned later on is I never needed to prove myself to begin with, but I did gain an immense amount of knowledge to further my mission to help others.

During those years in the big city corporate world, I got to be a part of an organization that grew from nothing and got to work with some of the biggest companies in the world.

I gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience from one of the largest digital agencies in the US.

I also used this time to keep healing that trauma within.

BUT, sometimes the universe has other plans.

Photo off of balcony


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