Here's the exact system I use for myself and my clients...


...WITHOUT letting your mindset get in the way

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Grab my FREE course 3 Steps to Wild Success that can help you do all the things you really want in your life & biz! WITHOUT letting your negative beliefs and mindset get in the way!



This is the exact method I use with my clients to help them break through and start achieving their goals. As a neurodivergent, goal setting AND accomplishing those goals has always been super hard for me because my brain just doesn't work like that! But I said eff that and figured out a way that worked for my wild ADHD/Autistic brain. I don't fit into a box, so why should I do things just like everyone else?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to quickly tap into your subconscious to understand what you TRULY believe about success and your goals
  • How to rewrite your beliefs around success so they work FOR you, not against you
  • How to take creative action so you can actually achieve your goals in a way that works and feels good to you

Meet Lauren Diana

Lauren Diana Scalf is a Psychic Intuitive Life & Business Coach who specializes in helping women heal their belief systems so they can go forth and live the life of their dreams.

Lauren Diana has worked in Technology, Marketing, and Business for Fortune500 companies for over 20 years. She is a certified Life Coach and holds multiple trauma based healing certifications. Lauren Diana is also the creator of the Soul Systems Method™. A 3-step methodology that marries together her love of strategy and problem solving; with her psychic healing gifts.

When not helping others, she can be found sitting on the couch eating tacos and binge watching the latest Netflix series. On good days, she's hopping on a plane to travel the world, by way of Scotland or Iceland, and hoping to experience all her destination has to offer. She also loves dogs, and will try to steal yours, if you're not careful.

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© 2003 - 2022 Lauren Diana Scalf

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